The right amount of wrong

                 eff Nease is one                           of the nation’s leading stand-up comedians. And where is he leading America? He has no idea!


     You may recognize Jeff from his TV appearances on Comedy Central, Showtime, A&E, PBS as well as a finalist in ‘National Lampoon’s Laugh Off’ and ‘The World Series of Comedy’. Jeff has also opened for Motown legends The Temptations as well as Jim Carrey, Tim Allen and Ellen DeGeneres.

2020 Dates 

1/6-1/15             Regent Mariner MIA-Puerto Quetzal
1/18-1/25           RCI SYMP MIA-MIA
1/26-2/4             Oceania Riviera MIA-MIA
2/6-2/8               ONE NIGHT STANS, Michigan 
2/15-2/22           PRINCESS Island BA-Rio
2/25-3/3             REGENT Splendor MIA-Punteranus CR
3/7-3/14             RCI BR Tampa-Cozumel 
3/14-3/20           RCI EN Cozumel-Galveston 
3/28-4/4            Oceania Marina Ushuaia-B. Aires 
4/15-4/18          LOONY BIN TULSA 
4/23-5/3            RCI VI St. Maarten-Tenerife
5/19-5/26          RCI LB Cozumel-Cozumel 
5/30-6/6            RCI SY MIA-MIA
6/16-6/23          RCI MJ Nassau-Nassau 
7/10-7/17          RCI MA Pt. Canaveral-Pt. Canaveral 
8/2-8/9              RCI HM Pt. Canaveral-Pt. Canaveral
8/27-9/3            RCI LB Falmouth Jam, Falmouth Jam
10/16-10/26      OCEANIA INSIGNIA NYC-Montreal
10/30-11/6        REGENT NAVIGATOR NYC-Antigua 
11/21-11/28      RCI SY MIA-MIA
11/29-12/6        RCI HM Pt. Canaveral-Pt. Canaveral
12/7-12/12        RCI AD Cozumel-Cozumel

‘Hilarious!’ (Entertainment Today Magazine)  “A high energy performer able to generate BIG laughs!”

(Las Vegas Review-Journal)  The Detroit Free Press simply declares, “Jeff Nease makes us laugh!”

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