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Jeff Nease


When a comic walks onstage, take a look at the stool or table behind them.

Next to their glass of water is often a small recording device. 

We often record our shows to review later. We listen for new jokes, a new take on old one or just hoping to catch that elusive moment of magic for prosperity. 

I’m happy to share some of these with you.


Recorded from a number of shows both on land and sea. 

Intimate crowds and large audiences. 

The sound is raw and the comedy is unedited. 

In short, I’ve BOOTLEGGED myself. 

I hope you enjoy it!



WRITTEN by Jeff Nease

MASTERED at Oniram Productions Inc.

by Anthony Marino.

RECORDED at One Night Stans, Waterford Michigan and onboard Celebrity Cruises EDGE


BOOTLEGGED 300 dpi.jpeg

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